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A theater charges $8 for main floor seats and $5 for balcony seats.

    A theater charges $8 for main floor seats and $5 for balcony seats. If all seats are sold, the ticket
    income is $4,200. At one show, 25% of the main floor seats and 40% of the balcony seats were
    sold and the income was $1,200. How many seats are on the main floor?
    2. The stopping distance of a car traveling at 25 mph is 61.7 ft, and for a car traveling 35 mph it is
    106 ft. The stopping distance in feet can be described by the equation y = ax2+ bx where x is the speed in mph. What is the stopping distance for a car traveling 55 mph?
    3. Joe received $52,000 profit from the sale of some land. He invested part at 5% interest and the
    rest at 4% interest. He earned a total of $2,290 interest in the first year. How much did he invest at 5%?
    4. There are two types of offices in an office building. The small office rents for $900/month and
    the large office rents for $1,250/month. If all 37 of the offices are rented and the total monthly revenue is $41,000/month, how many small offices are there in the building?
    5. A salesman receives a fixed salary plus a sales commission each month. He earned $6,200 on
    sales of $70,000 the first month and $4,700 on sales of $45,000 the next month. What is his fixed salary?
    6. A rectangular lot whose perimeter is 360 feet is fenced along three sides. An expensive fencing
    along the lot’s length costs $20 per foot and an inexpensive fencing along the two sides costs only $8 per foot. The total cost of the fencing along the three sides comes to #3,280. What is the length of the lot?