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acute care nurse practitioner issues and trend

    Paper instructions:
    History of Role
    (10 points)            1.    Define “role” (theoretically). (2 points)
    2.    Discuss the history of the nurse
    practitioner role, in general. (3 points)
    3.    Define acute care nurse practitioner. (2 points)
    4.    Discuss the history of the acute
    care nurse practitioner role. (3 points)

    ___________        B.    Licensure vs. Certification
    (10 points)            1.    Define licensure. (3 points)
    2.    Define certification. (3 points)
    3.    Differentiate between licensure and certification and provide examples for your explanation.(4 points)

    __________        C.    Scope of Practice
    (15 points)            1.    Discuss the ACNP scope of practice. (5 points)
    2.    Discuss the relevance of State Practice Acts regulating ACNP practice and provide specific examples for your discussion. (10 points)

    ___________        D.    Challenges of the ACNP Role.
    (15 points)            1.    Discuss the issue of Prescriptive Authority, including level of autonomy and the role of the Drug Enforcement Agency. (5 points)
    2.    Discuss one other issue related to role delineation/implementation. (5 points)
    3.    Discuss challenges related to role implementation.
    (5 points)

    ___________        E.    Conclusions and Summation of the Issues/Trends
    (10 points)            1.    Based on findings presented in the paper. (5 points)
    2.    Development and clarity. (5 points)