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Advice to Anna with regard to the issue of the flat Custom Essay

    The ownership case involves Anna and her husband Duncan, who married in the year 2011. Anna is the owner of two properties, one of which she inherited back in the year 2001. She has a standing agreement with the current tenants to use the property as a florist, until the year 2012, when the premises will become vacant. This agreement is subject to a covenant that Anna and one of the neighbours, Barney made, such that the premises cannot hold a business that sells food and drinks. In the year 2010 Anna leased the flat that is above the shop to Claire for a period of five years. Later on in the year 2013, Anna broke the covenant that they had entered to with her neighbour Barney, opening a restaurant in the shop. Back in the year 2010, Anna had purchased another house, where they lived with her husband Duncan. Although this property was registered in the name of Anna, Duncan has actually contributed a quarter of the price money.