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Applied Strategic Managment Custom Essay

    Appropriate marketing strategy for Reed Supermarkets, if implemented would see the market share increase from 14% in 2010 to the targeted 16% by the year 2014. This is despite the competition posed by the dollar and limited selection stores in the food industry. Meredith Collins is therefore facing the challenge of choosing the most appropriate strategy to implement towards the goal. Reeds Supermarkets’ SWOT analysis. Strengths With a 14.00% retailer positioning, it is evident that Reeds Supermarkets reputation is well built upon its recognized brand name. Other stores are less ranked by the retailer, with the closest being Delfina at 9.58%. (See Exhibit 1). Consumer perception on quality, as indexed on the exhibit, shows a consistence in the positioning at the top rank, making Reeds Supermarkets best of quality relative to the other stores. (See Exhibit 3). Limited selection stores, typically offering a relatively small inventory of private and staple products, are caped at utmost 5% which the Reeds Supermarkets excels better by offering a wide variety. T