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Applying Organizational Development Principles

    How would you apply OD principles in order to ensure the continued operation of your business?


    Organizational development principles may be acts, rules, ways, behaviors or mechanisms that are applied in an organization, company or community so as to get well desired general out put. To sustain high required performance in an organization these principles have to be reinforced for the organization to acquire strategic targeted results.( Gary, 2011)These principles may include the following: Commitment; employees need to be committed so as to give their best., Empowerment; for the organization to achieve its full strength the employees need to have self drive which is achieved by empowering them., Versatility; can be achieved if  employees are encouraged to be innovative and adapt to new technologies easily., Integration; this is mainly concerned  with the attitude of the employees towards  technology systems and elements involved in the organization so as to achieve desired results (French, & Bell,1999)
    Challenges of organizational development principles
    Taking a case study of where one is the owner of a company that employers 100 employees in a town whose major industry is automotive and it  relocates its facility away from the town to México, the company will face some challenges in the application of organizational development skills.
    The company will likely face integrity issues in that the its wholeness that it enjoyed with the relocated automotive facility will be missing this will lead to lack of stability and harmony which contribute hugely to the life of the company.
    Commitment principle will also be affected  in that since the major automotive facility has been relocated ,there will be limited resources and hence the company may decide to cut down on he number of workers thus affecting the commitment of the remaining workers since they will be fearing that they will the next online to loose their jobs. (BradfordBurke, 2005)

    The other principle that will affect the company is empowerment, and this is so due to  the lack of major industry in the town, the employees will lack encouragement or what they look up to, hence making it hard for the company to empower them.
    The employee’s flexibility and innovativeness will go down due to lack of enough resources and new technology that were provided earlier on by the relocated automotive facility. Integration and people and attributes that make the company achieve the ultimate performance will be greatly affected due to lack of diversity in the automotive industry in the town.
    Application organizational development principles
    a company’s integrity to be ensured, as the management you try to encourage works and as well as establishing other working relationship with other relevant remaining companies. Even if the management if forced to cut down in the number of employees always ensure that the remaining employees are the ones that are loyal and committed to the business.
    With the limited resources try to be flexible and innovative to other relevant and new ideas in the market thus employing the principle of versatility. For integration and collaboration, its necessary to establish external links with other automotive companies outside the town; this will make the company achieve its intended goals.
    For any kind of business or company to achieve its full potential organizational development principles are a necessity and they must be adhered to. In cases where the major industry relocates it’s advisable to establish relationship with other related companies thus applying organizational development principles like integration.


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