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Are people better off if they do not listen to criticism?

    Essay: Criticism

    Are people better off if they do not listen to criticism?


    Criticism is referred to as the judgment made by other people towards an individual about the faults and merits of his work or actions. Criticism is the objection or disapproval of one’s opinion and therefore it does not necessarily mean that the person is at fault. It’s just that some ideas do not always work out in certain situation therefore prompting alternative ideas that seem workable. However, some people react differently to criticism since they so much believe in their own ideas and principles therefore they feel belittled or less human beings when their ideas are questioned.

    Personal view on Criticism

    My take on this topic is that, people are better off if they are criticized because when criticized they get to see the things they overlook or did not consider when making their decisions. For instance people make some opinions that are based on their own interest rather than the people’s interest therefore affecting others negatively. A perfect example of my argument is when the politicians are campaigning for top positions in government. On many occasions we find their manifestos been criticized when they present them in public, simply because they do not favor the majorities interest therefore not meeting the expectations of the people. This fact prompts the politicians to reconsider their views in order to suit or favor the public’s interest.

    Criticism is also good because it provide alternatives when some situations or actions are not right. For example in governments, criticism is very crucial and it is provided by the opposition party thereby checking that issues of national interest are covered and met accordingly. The opposition in this case acts as a stand by alternative incase the government fails to achieve its set objectives and more so the promises it made to the people. The opposition foresees that the national resources are used wisely and reduces the possibilities if the government misusing funds. This ensures that there is proper accountability and equal distribution of state resources. In a nutshell the criticism posed to governments by the opposition party makes the government to be on toes therefore improving its services to the people.

    To further justify my argument on the topic, I would also give an example of how criticism has made people or situations better. For instance in the world of business, criticism is presented by way of competition. In some businesses you find certain products been overpriced therefore harassing the customers but when the prices are questioned and there are more players in the market the businesses reconsider their priorities in order not to loose business. In sum, the existence of competition and criticism from customers and other service providers in the market, controls and improves the services in the market.



    People should understand that criticism is not always ill-intentioned but a correction of unworkable ideas and opinions. It is good to be corrected because no matter how bright one is, there is always some improvement that is needed in our life’s. In fact the most successful people in this world are those who believed in their ideas and more so accepted corrections at some point in their lives in order to move a step ahead. Criticism is part of a learning experience whereby individuals identify their mistakes as well as learn new ideas that they may not have known.


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