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Argument and Analysis Essay Custom Essay

    Argument and Analysis Essay 1. In demonstrating intolerance to injustice, Martin Luther King Jar’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” contains the expertise of pathos to strike a cord with the audience on injustice throughout the letter. King uses the aspect of pathos to explain that injustice should not be tolerated, especially in America. To strike the audience, Martin invokes empathy, sympathy, love, and anger to highlight the injustice engulfing the civil rights movements, and that is why he is at the Birmingham jail at the time of his writing the letter. He highlights, “I am in Birmingham because injustice is here” (King 43). Throughout his letter, King strikes his audience on injustice by using comparisons of biblical characters and himself to sky-high the pathos of respect for his cause, which is the cause of truth. Martin also compares his responsibilities to the responsibilities of the Lord’s apostles.