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Assignment #2 ? KNPR?s (88.9) ?State of Nevada?

    Topic: Assignment #2 ? KNPR?s (88.9) ?State of Nevada?

    Listen to one segment of the “State of Nevada” program, which is broadcast beginning at 9 am and repeated at 8 pm, Monday

    through Friday. To access the program online:
    – go to
    – click on “SON”
    – click on “archives”
    – click on your choice of segments

    Select one topic that was discussed. It must be related to local or state government or a civic issue. It may not, for

    example, be sports or entertainment-related. Write a summary of what you heard.
    – What was the topic being discussed?
    – Who were the participants?
    – What were the specific issues or controversies discussed?
    – What was your impression of the discussions?

    Do NOT just paraphrase the description of the segment found at the website.v