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Berlin Childhood around 1900 by Walter Benjamin.

    Berlin Childhood around 1900 by Walter Benjamin.
    Please really focus on a SPECIFIC ASPECT of the text and avoid broad generalization. Here is the instruction:

    Re-read relevant passages in Benjamin in light of what we discussed today, then
    write analytical reflection.

    You might want to reflect, for example, on the identity of content and form
    Benjamin sets up (and discusses explicitly in "The Sock".) He seems to be trying to find an appropriate form for his memories in these fragmentary, discontinuous chapters. How might this be a comment on the nature of memory? Or on the nature of memory in the modern, technological world?

    You might also consider whether there are any hidden continuities between the
    chapters. They seem to be unrelated and stand alone, but are there any implicit
    correspondences and connections? Is there a "hidden logic" to the text?

    These are just a few guiding questions, and they by no means are meant to limit
    you. Please feel free to explore whatever specific aspects of the text you find