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Concept Mapping

    Concept Mapping


    This exercise will allow you to practice your mapping skills. Use the tips you learned from the Concept Maps presentation in this week’s lesson to develop a concept map for the topic below. Keep in mind that you’ll be developing and presenting a concept map at the end of the course. Share your map with the rest of the class by posting to this discussion board.
    Topic: What makes a great taco?

    List 10-15 concepts about a taco from most general and inclusive to more specific and exclusive. (Hint: Start with the shell.) Make sure to identify linkages and phrases. You may use the following sample map as a reference.

    Sample Concept Map

    Assignment Details:

    •Make it as simple as you can
    •Feel free to be creative/colorful
    •Choose a format you are familiar with (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.)