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Controversial essay should addicts be thrown in jail instead of treatment

    This is a controversial essay (I will email a sheet with format/content requirements) This essay is about Substance abuse and its treatments. General Ideas for discussion:What can we do to fix the problem, There are not enough treatment facilities for addicts and too long of waiting lists. In patient or Out patient, Medication Management(Methadone, Buprenorphine, Suboxone.. which is best) Whether Inmates should be offered substance abuse treatments if addiction is present. Should addicts be thrown in jail instead of treatment. Is punishment strict enough or too strict.etc
    This needs to contain lots of data and statistics too I would like the focus of the study to be on Vermont
    you can broaden out if need be for comparisons and case studies
    My Opinion:I have many friends whom suffer from drug addiction. Suboxone and Buprenorphine are the treatment of choice-give’s you your life back. Outpatient treatment is preferred as it doesn’t make the addiction or treatment run your life. There is a serious lack of treatment facilities and the ones we have, have waiting list’s of a year and more. People don’t understand that addiction is an illness and i think people think it is something that can be controlled.