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Critically discuss Vinten’s (1994, pg. 332) summation of whistle-blowing

    Critically discuss Vinten’s (1994, pg. 332) summation of whistle-blowing:
    “For one thing the whistle-blowing path is not easy, and the bee-sting phenomenon may often apply. One has only one sting to use, and by using it, may well kill off one’s career”.
    The essay should be well-presented, should contain a well-informed critical analysis, and should show a good standard of academic referencing.

    Coursework Guidelines
    There are no particular guidelines/ boundaries that you have to adhere to when writing this essay.
    There is no right way or wrong way to approach this essay either, as long as the content is relevant to the subject area. (ethics and corporate governance)
    The coursework has deliberately been set to test your creative qualities when it comes to writing – but creative within the confines of academic writing (independent and critical reading).
    The guiding principle of this assessment is to evidence competencies in: understanding of alternative perspectives; critical analysis; and writing skills.

    The core Text book is Corporate Governance and Accountability by Jill Solomon (2013) Fourth Edition

    Please consider the text book in referencing also you can use journal articles

    Thank you