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Demonstrates the relationship between business objectives, programmers and computer systems projects.

    The Managing Director wishes to understand more about how managing by projects is going to affect the outcome of the overall business strategy.
    In self directed study time you should review appropriate literature based around project management, and write business style report. The report should be 3,000 words and should include an appropriate title and an executive summary of 200 words. You should include the word count on the front page. Your report will be an example of secondary research, i.e. you will be reviewing and presenting the appropriate literature, you will not be undertaking primary research.
    You should discuss the relationship between business objectives, programmes, computer systems projects and benefits realization. Consider how a business should be organised in order to take advantage of a project management methodology and a PPSO (Programme and Project Support Office) to achieve the business strategy.
    Your answer should include how a PPSO could be implemented in an organisation and consider how its implementation would benefit all members of the project team. Your answer should also consider the project structures required to implement a project management methodology such as PRINCE2 and a review of the stages, processes and components necessary as well as how quality is built into a project.
    When answering the question you should also: –
    Demonstrate a clear understanding of how information and business systems are used and managed in an organisation.
    Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of the issues relating to the management of information / computer systems projects.
    Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with users and practitioners.
    Apply this knowledge and understanding in a practical and realistic way.
    Demonstrate Synthesis/Creativity in approaching relating and structuring your answer.
    Analyse the suitability of current approaches, relating theory to practice.
    1.Clear and appropriate report structure and style with executive summary, case studies and harvard referencing
    -Introduction to why managing by projects benefits organisations.
    2.Demonstrates the relationship between business objectives, programmers and computer systems projects.
    3.The importance the Business Case showing knowledge and understanding of how a project supports the business strategic plan.
    4.Knowledge and understanding of project management methodologies.
    5.Stages and processes involved in project management
    6.An understanding of documentation used to communicate project progress.
    7.How a PPSO can support the Project Management team members.
    9.Conclusion, bibliography and references.