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Descriptive essay on Friends

    Prompt: We all exist within communities or groups of various sizes, origins, and purposes; pick one and tell us why it is important to you, and how it has shaped you.  Descriptive 250 ? 500 word essay  You are the artist, create this how you want. The following is background to help you, change it however you need to make it work. Use as many or few as of the following ideas as you like.  Most of my friends I met in the Sauk Prairie music program. Music was the initial thread that brought us together, however, as in all friendships as time went on we discover other common interests.  Things I do with my music friends are similar to things other groups do with their friends.  ? My group teaches me how to a better friend ? After rehearsal, we go to Culver?s (fast food hamburger restraint in town similar to McDonalds) to eat and hang out.  ? On Friday nights we might go to someone?s farm to sit around a bon fire and talk  ? We travel 3 hours to just outside Chicago to have dinner and see a show at Medieval Manor  ? We go to movies together, play Frisbee golf  ? We go to cheer our friends in their sporting events like basketball or tennis.  ? We play on the high school tennis together.  ? We inspire and motivate each other  ? We study together, and bring homework to their house if they miss school  ? We visit them in the hospital if they are sick  ? We congratulate them when they get into the college of their choice and try to bring them up if they get a rejection letter  ? We give them job recommendations so they can work with us at Culver?s  ? We cover their work shift if something else comes up for them  ? We welcome their family and other friends into our group  ? We welcome them back when they return home at college break  ? We play ping pong and videos games together  ? We get excited when Nikkie Ott brings her taco dip to a party, it is yummy  ? We laugh at each other but not in a hurtful way.  ? We go to Prom and Homecoming as group  ? I am secure around them and they allow me to be me.  They are good friends to have.


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