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    Provide direct, detailed evidence of the incident. Report in clear and specific terms what you see, hear, and/or read. Provide only the ?facts of the case?


    The incident took place on a Friday afternoon from 2.00 P.M to 3.15 P.M during a Mathematics lesson for the year seven students. The main topic of the lesson was measurement, which according to Hutchins, Adler, Fadiman (2008) is considered as one of the important topics in Mathematics. The year seven class consisted of students who were normal and those with some kind of disabilities. During that lesson the Mathematics teacher who was known as Mrs. Peterson, concentrated on estimation of measurement.


    On that particular day Mrs. Peterson introduced measurements as a topic to the students. Most of her teaching on that particular afternoon was based on estimation of measurements. On that particular lesson the mathematics teacher, Mrs. Peterson decided to put the class into groups of five. The total number of students in the class was twenty and he ended up having four different groups which was composed of both students with some disabilities and the normal ones. The first assignment that Mrs. Peterson directed the class to do was to estimate the various heights of each student in their respective groups. After the estimations of the heights, Mrs. Peterson further directed the students to measure the actual height of the students so as to observe their level of accuracy towards estimation. The students then presented their findings by writing them in large prints as was directed by Mrs. Peterson, so as to ensure that it was visible to every student in the class. Mrs. Peterson, on realizing that the students were restless and were not concentrating on the lesson, changed the teaching tactics. The rest of her lesson was based on physical activities. The students were directed to measure various structures within the school compound in groups using various measurement instruments they were given. The students were tasks to identify the appropriate measurement instruments for each structure, do the measurement and record their findings. Mrs. Peterson then checked on the work of the groups and noted some observations from the assignment. Finally the lesson ended in the schools hall where the students and Mr. Peterson shared their observations with one another.


    Mrs. Peterson was the mathematics teacher for Year Seven class. During her Friday afternoon mathematics lesson, she used different tactics to ensure that all the students in her class were concentrating so as to understand the topic. She divided the class into groups of five students ensuring that they were balanced with respect to students with disabilities and the normal ones. She monitored cautiously the work of two students, Noah, and Joshua who were having some learning disabilities making sure that the whole class did not notice her intentions. In the middle of the lesson she realized that the students were restless and decided to change the teaching techniques to a more physical one so as to ensure that there was maximum concentration by the students. The approach of her teaching during the lesson was in such away that it ensures that the students were able to think independently. Mrs. Peterson used a clear and audile tone when giving the instructions to the students during that lesson, her handwriting on the board were also visible and lastly she used gestures on number of occasions on that particular lesson.


    The total number of students in the class was twenty, with two of the students having some learning disabilities. Noah was suffering from visibility problem while Joshua was suffering from the problem of paying attention. The students were restless during the lesson and they were kept busy during the whole lesson with their group assignments and discussions. They followed Mrs. Peterson instructions very carefully and cooperated very well with the members of their respective groups. The students responded positively to the lesson and all of them understood the concept of the topic and were able to apply it in their practical assignments at the end of the lesson.


    All the students and Mrs. Peterson participated actively during their lesson in equal measure. The level of participation during the class was very satisfactory. Mrs. Peterson ensured that the students participated fully during the whole lesson by engaging them in different learning activities. In their various groups all the students were given equal chance by the members of their groups to learn and share their results with the group members. Mrs. Peterson in order to ensure that all students participated equally; she regularly checked at each of the group’s works and the individual contributions to the groups. To ensure that the groups and individuals participation was fruitful towards the end of the lesson, she gathered the students in the school hall at the end of the lesson and gave them a fair chance to discuss their findings and observations with each other.


    Mrs. Peterson was very clear in giving instructions to the students; she also ensured that the whole class participated fully during her lesson. In illustrating most of his concepts to the students she used hand gestures. The students also responded well to Mrs. Peterson instructions. They cooperated well in their group assignment and followed the instructions of the teacher careful. In the end of the lesson all the students were able to understand the concept and application of that day’s lesson, measurements.


    Hutchins, R, Adler, M, Fadiman, C (2008). Measurement. Mathematics; Gateaway to the Great

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