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Discussion 2 Part 1-3


    Part 1


    Identify a company that is successful at using the following two business approaches: business intelligence and competitive intelligence. Provide an example of each approach for your chosen company. (1page)


    Part 2


    In chapter 5 of our text, Daft discussed the notion of organizational ecosystems and a population-ecology perspective of organizations with its concepts about niches, adapting to changing environments, and survival versus perishing. Explain why some might think that organizations like Walmart, Apple and Google utilize this perspective as an Important element of strategic planning and growth. On the other hand, what about firms like JC Penney and Radio Shack and Polaroid. Give examples from what you know about one or more of these firms and cite from at least one journal. Do you think the ecosystems models provide a good framework for looking at these aspects of organizations? (2 pages)