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Elaboration Likelihood model

    Elaboration Likelihood model
    Paper instructions:
    The assignment will consist of a three- page analysis of a three- to five-minute segment of a movie of your choice. The analysis will be based on a selected theory from the chapters that are specified for the assignment. (ELM = Elaboration Likelihood Model) The assignment must focus on a single segment of the selected movie, with a clear focus on a persuasion moment!

    Instructions for Home Assignments:

    1.?Select a recent movie (a three-minute segment) that includes one illustrative example of the assigned theoretical framework, as specified in the Course Outline. Please use current or most recent releases for the assignment.

    2.?Briefly describe the story and the scene which relates to the assignment.

    3.?Briefly describe the assigned theory in terms of the concepts and their relationships as they pertain to persuasion. Here, you should not include any examples from your movie.

    4.?Briefly report a research study (one or two paragraphs) that you will identify via Google!

    5.?Relate the content of your segment to the theory– This is the most important aspect of your assignment. You must show how the movie illustrates the theory. Elaborate on how the actors, the context and the content speak to your selected theory. Here, you must point out the specific language, non-verbal elements, moods, activities and/or objects in the movie that provide examples of concepts in support of your theoretical relations.

    6.?Organize your paper according to the following sub-titles:

    ?1- Story and the Scene (two paragraphs)

    ?2- The theory and its conceptual relations (two paragraphs).

    ?3- Supporting Research (two paragraphs).

    ?4- Analysis (at least one page). Be sure to organize your examples according to your concepts.