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Ethical Dilemma Analysis


    Take some time to consider the field you want to work in today (Clinical psychology). The final paper will be on an ethical dilemma faced as an individual that would be considered current in the field today. You will include background on the field and information on the ethical principle and dilemma. You will include in the text a discussion of all the IRAC considerations (SEE ATTACHED).

    This is to be a formal outline detailing (Building Trust with Law Enforcement and the Community).
    The outline should have all the sections of a formal paper, including title page, abstract, introduction, and body of the paper, conclusion, and reference sections. They must also adhere to APA writing standards from the most current APA manual.

    Once this working outline is complete, writers will have a better opportunity to organize and focus the main ideas and supporting points.

    Follow these steps to create a working outline based on the content provided in the reverse outline:

    1. Identify and notate the current working thesis statement, and determine whether or not it provides a direct response to the assignment (that it is on-topic).

    2. Identify and notate the essential MEAL Plan components for each paragraph (Main Ideas or topic sentences, then the sub-points for Evidence/Examples).

    3. Identify and notate any new ideas or supporting points that have surfaced in the latest draft.

    4. Determine if all supporting points (topic sentences) connect to the current thesis (MEAL Plan) and to the topic question or assignment.

    5. Identify and notate (briefly or in full sentence) each piece of evidence used to develop the main idea of each paragraph, being careful to note where the evidence is currently located or is needed (MEAL Plan).

    6. Determine the relevance of evidence provided to support each paragraph’s main idea and any sub-points, and determine the relevance of the evidence as direct support for the thesis.

    7. Determine if the current organizational pattern within each paragraph is in the best order or in the order most effective to achieve the purpose of each paragraph (to inform, persuade, or argue, or to accomplish a particular mode of development).

    8. Determine if the current organizational pattern of all body paragraphs is in the best order or the order most effective to support the thesis (what does your audience need to know and in what order?).