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Fashion Business Range Plan and Buying & Merchandising Report


    The creation of a successful product range is a fundamental requirement of a fashion business. The product offered is not just the physical articulation of a brand and its personality, but also the brands source of income. Ensuring that all product ranges are relevant to the brand but also balanced as a source of income is the responsibility of the buying and merchandising function within a fashion business.

    The breadth of activities that the buying & merchandising function undertake in delivering this requirement successfully is explored in this assessment that comprises two parts.

    Using knowledge gained through a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops and self directed research and analysis you will write a 3000 word (word tolerance 10%), Harvard referenced report as follows:

    PART A:
    Section 1: An introduction to the buying and merchandising function, to include a review of the individual roles and responsibilities of the buyer and merchandiser and how each contributes to the development, creation, supply and delivery of a fashion product range. (Guideline word count 1500-2000 words)

    PART B:
    Monsoon, founded in 1973 is a British womenswear brand that has a highly distinctive brand identity that has evolved from its original folk inspired fashion collections into a global business that retains its heritage through its emphasis on hand crafted and ethical product ranges.

    For this second part of the assessment you will you demonstrate the theoretical knowledge shown in PART A, through the creation of 12 option range plan using the following brief as your starting point.

    The brief:
    It is October 2012 and the Monsoon Head of Buying and Merchandising has requested that you put together ideas for a Spring/Summer capsule collection that captures the essence of Monsoon and the predicted trends for the season. The new collection will be ranged in 5 flagship stores for a 12 week lifecycle from 1st December 2012 to 28th February 2013. You have been given a maximum open to buy budget (OTB) of £275,000 to spend on the range