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Formal Outline

    Formal Outline
    The purpose of the Formal Outline is for students to organize their research and show the topical areas that they will cover throughout the Research Project. By breaking down the literature into various sections, topics, sub-topics, and details, students can divide large amounts of data into smaller, more orderly sections. The Formal Outline helps students organize their thoughts, stay on topic, and follow a logical order. It also provides students with the opportunity to show a progression of thought and direction, and can highlight specific areas of the Research Project that may need more or less attention.

    The following article is helpful in structuring the paper:

    Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

    Provide an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
    Identify the main points and sections of the Research Project.
    Identify the sub-topics and details consistent with the main points and sections.
    Present information in an organized and logical manner.
    Use at least three (3) scholarly sources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia,, and general websites do not qualify as scholarly.