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Hi. Here is the order description, make sure you read all the information first before you write:

    Hi. Here is the order description, make sure you read all the information first before you write:
    You are going to write a report about a Speech( you can call it GreenTalk)
    Topic of the greentalk: Sustainable Design in Green Engineering Projects
    The speaker is Robert Stevens. He was an SJSU student with major in Civil Engineering 20 years ago. He is Vice President of BKFEngineers, a thriving engineering firm with numerous offices around the greater Bay Area, Redwood Shores, and in Orange County. The firm provides civil engineering, master planning, and surveying services and has been involved in several high-profile projects, such as Santana Row, CSU Northridge, the High Speed Rail project, the new Berryessa Branch Library, etc. Please see: The firm is strong in “sustainable design.â€
    A little more information about the speaker
    Vice President
    BKF Engineers
    January 2003 – Present (10 years 9 months)
    Project manager responsible for facilitating the development of projects in the civic, commercial, educational, industrial, and public sectors.
    Vice President – Operations
    Point to Point
    October 2000 – January 2003 (2 years 4 months)
    Responsible for the design and deployment of telecommunications infrastructure in California.
    Principal Engineer
    Civtel Inc.
    1998 – 2001 (3 years)
    Staff Engineer
    AN West Inc.
    1995 – 1998 (3 years)
    I took all the pictures of the slice shows in the speech( you will see it in another document that I upload) and there are explanation for each slice at the end of the document. Make sure you check them.
    Here is what I want for the structure of this report. Remember, no outside source for this report, use the slice show picture.
    First paragraph: talk about this is Greentalk held on September 18. And what issue it is. And then create thesis statement about this report. The issue and thesis statement should be base on the greentalk topic ( see above).
    Second paragraph: you can talk about the speaker. you can briefly talk about the speaker and his company. You can click on to the BKF’s website to get a little more information if you need it.
    In the following few paragraphs: you can Cover all the information in all the slices( make sure you read the slice show document carefully), make sure you cover all the slices!!you can use following useful link to get some more information if you want to, but don’t cite it , make it like from your own word.Just remember, all the things you write have to concentrate on the slices and the topic!!!

    At the last body paragraph, as you can see, slice 15,16 17 seems saying different things from the slices before. I want you make a paragraph about suggestion from the speaker base on slice 15, 16,17.
    And a Conclusion paragraph