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how would you prioritize a Service Line items for the Blue River Health System?

    how would you prioritize a Service Line items for the Blue River Health System?

    Based on the table below, how would you prioritize a Service Line items for the Blue River Health System? Explain your answer and reorganize the grid as needed to reflect your changes (if any). Also discuss how you would change your table if your CFO wanted a Revenue Center representation if needed. Use your textbook for support.
    The book used for this class is:
    Health Care Finance, Basic Tools For Nonfincaial Managers. 4th Edition by Judith K. Baker & R.W. Baker
    This book should be used as one of the references and if you need to have another reference then 2 is fine.
    I am going to upload the table she has provided for this assignment as well as the rubric.
    If you need to get a hold of me please just email and don’t call or text.

    Department    Annual Revenue    Number of Patients
    Ambulatory Care    $12,556,020.00    22,412
    Surgery    $56,263,223.46    9,412
    Emergency Medicine    $42,553,125.12    19,456
    Mental Health    $9,953,421.10    7,112
    Women’s Health    $15,265,123.38    7,234
    Rehabilitation    $32,556,441.89    12,410
    Pediatrics    $29,457,891.92    24,892
    Critical Care    $78,568,456.60    9,004
    Laboratory    $25,892,235.25    21,701
    Radiology    $19,568,236.75    5,410
    Oncology Services    $42,526,781.36    8,561


    Critical AnalysisAssignments:Each week you willcomplete a critical analysisassignment as illustrated viathe appropriate assignment drop box. You areexpected to complete allassignments in your own words and appropriatelycite/reference allsources of information.Keep in mind that you willneed to read and preparefor each assignment. Also, this assignment has the mostpointvalue attached each week so ensurethat you do not takethis assignment lightly.The followingrubricwillassist you in maximizingpoints:

    20 – 16 Points    15 – 11 Points    10 -0
    Student follows APAformatwelland spelling/grammaticalerrors are    StudenthasseveralAPA, spellingor grammaticalerrors.    Studentdoesnotadhere to APA
    formattingrequirements and submits

    minimal.        workthathasa significantamountof spelling grammaticalerrors.
    The studentproperlycites, references, and organizes information to presenta clearand succinctillustration of ideas and facts.    Studentdoesnotproperlyreference ideas and providesweakillustrations of ideas or facts.    Studentsubmits workand does not referenceorcite sources ofused information.
    Allcontentareas are covered and the studentaddsvalue to the contentby integratingotheracademic resources.    Studentomits severalcontentareas
    and does notprovide adequate support forexploringthe topic.    Student is off topic and doesnot engage the topic byprovidingany support for thecontentareas.
    The studentmeets orexceeds theone page, single spaced, 12 fontminimum assignment lengthrequirement.    Studentsubmits workthat is shortof the minimumassignment length requirement.    Studentdoesnotsubmitassignmentor assignmentis veryshort.