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Island Air

    Describe the steps you would take in the following crisis scenario. Put together your crisis team, list key constituents and draft a statement addressing each of your key stakeholders along with the media. Also, be sure to include information about how to disseminate your messages to each audience and a media Q&A (potential questions and answers). What my instructor wants me to do is put together my crisis team the PIO, top management, top executives, the person that handles the media, top human resources representative, EAP, and so forth. I’m representing this company as the spokesperson, what is my strategy? I need to produce a statement addressing the stakeholders along with the media..I need to have a media conference, address the situation immediately, what procedures we’re taking (the company)? How this matter is being handled so it will not happen again. I need to have some already questions on standby along with the answers to the questions. Basically, I need to be on top of my game.

    Island Air Senario

    Island Air operates service between City Airport and three islands off the coast that are popular vacation destinations. It is July, arguably your busiest month for business. You have begun to look into leasing more planes and increasing staff to accommodate high demands for flights. An early morning flight to one of the islands takes off from City and when reaching the cruising altitude, the door disengages and falls into the ocean below. The pilot makes a successful emergency landing. However, before you can even learn details of what went wrong, the media descends – both at the airstrip where the pilot was forced to make the emergency landing and at City Airport. What would your strategy be as the company’s spokesperson?