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Kant and Mill Morality view on Lying

    Kant and Mill Morality view on Lying

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    Please answer this question:
    Whose position on lying do you find to be more convincing and whose position do you find to be more persuasive Kant’s or Mill’s? Make sure to explain WHY

    No internet sources will be accepted. To support your argument, you can only use Kant’s grounding metaphysic book (2nd edition) and Utilitarianism Book by Mill

    Midterm Paper Instruction

    •    You can only use sources: from this book
    o    Immanuel Kant, Ethical Philosophy second edition, “Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals” by James W. Ellington

    Body of the Paper:
    •    Define your terms: make sure your audience understands your key terms
    •    Do not skip steps in your argument. An argument is like a staircase. Help your reader climb the stairs step by step
    •    Each paragraph should express only one idea
    •    Each paragraph should lead into the next. If the connection between paragraphs is not immediately apparent, then tell your readers what you are going to talk about. For instance, if your first paragraph presents Crito’s argument as as to why Socrates should flee jail and your next paragraph addresses Socrates’ response, then your second paragraph should begin with a phrase like: “After Crito presents his argument, Socrates responds with a complicated rebuttal

    •    Restate your thesis
    •    Explain whether or not you have proved your thesis: Summarize your argument and explain whether or not you think it is good enough to support your thesis
    •    Do not introduce new arguments or use quotes in your conclusion