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Management Creative Reflective Essay

    Creative Reflective Essay


    Project description
    Choose two (2) activities from the list of seven (7) reflective, analytical and experiential activities presented below. Each activity asks you to consider the application of the course concepts to aspects of your work and non-work life outside the seminar room.
    Deliverable: Present a written reflection/analysis that incorporates responses to the two activities you select. The total write-up for both activities should be no more than 10 pages excluding references (Times New Roman 12 point font, double space or equivalent, standard margins) and should address the questions or issues raised in each activity. Include a brief introduction and an insightful conclusion/summary that integrates the experiences of the different activities you choose as they relate to the key aspects of the course a whole. Grades will be based on your ability to demonstrate that you:
    • Understand relevant concepts and theories;
    • Are able to apply these concepts appropriately to real experiences;
    • Are able to integrate ideas from a variety of seminars and sources; and
    • Where appropriate, can critically evaluate or analyse your own performance.
    All the activities are structured to give you opportunities to ‘trial’ learning approaches which are commonly recommended for enhancing cultural awareness, understanding and skills. Therefore, you are encouraged to choose different types of activities that you find interesting, and/or which are relevant to your current (or future) work situation.
    CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Honest and frank responses are encouraged and all responses will be treated confidentially by the instructor. However, feel free to use pseudonyms or to modify information you believe is too sensitive (commercially or personally). Please discuss this with the instructor if you are unsure.