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    This study aims on analyzing how the Plaza Athenee in Paris can compete with other palace or 5 stars hotels in order to survive in this industry based on two theories which are the differentiation and 4P’S

    Project description
    This study is to show how Plaza Athenee may compete with other palaces in Paris and indirectly how to stay one of the best hotels in Paris. It is important to know that the competition is really hard, especially in Paris, plenty hotels have a history and a great fame such as George V, Le Park Hyatt, Le Bristol, Le ritz, Le crillon, and several other good competitors that opened the last years such as the Shangri-La, Fouquet’s and Mandarin, which makes the task very difficult for Plaza Athenee to attract more customers, to compete and the most important to keep the image safe and the customers loyal.

    The objective of this study is to evaluate the position of the Plaza Athenee and its competitors, to find the competitive advantages used by the Plaza Athene, and to propose new idea not used by the plaza Athenee, in order to help the hotel to compete against competitors and to attract more customers.


    • Analyze the theories of 4P’s ( product, place, price , promotion) and compare Plaza Athenee to other palace and hotel in Paris (in order to evaluate the business and to improve it.)


    • Define the theories of differentiation (in order to know the competitive advantages that make Plaza Athenee better than other hotel).

    What is differentiation?
    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel?
    What are the different service offers?
    Which service is unique?
    Is the hotel has a competitive advantages? Which one?
    • Compare the strategies, strength and advantages used by Plaza Athenee and other hotel, in order to know and to measure the competence and position of Plaza Athenee and see how it can improve their competiveness

    What are the advantages of Plaza Athenee?
    What are the advantages of other hotel in Paris?
    Can Plaza Athenee get these advantages?
    What are the strength and weakness of other hotel in Paris?
    What, customers are waiting for, when they use services hotel?
    What are the different strategies used by Plaza Athenee and other hotel?
    How can Plaza Athenee become more competiveness?

    the study have to be based on those two theories which are the differentiation and 4P’S
    The work should have data, The data are collected and interpreted objectively.qualitative (document and observations) and quantitative data (nominal and ratio) has to be collected to conduct and achieve the study such as books, newspapers, magazine, credible website, case study. data will be collected from secondary sources . Also the data will be collected in different format such printed text, graphic and table

    Introduction to include an Executive Summary, Background and Research Approach 20%
    • Background and/or introduction, data collection approach and an Executive Summary

    Data Presentation, Data Analysis and Research Findings 50%

    • Data Presentation (25%)
    • Data analysis (25%)
    • Research findings

    Conclusions and Managerial Implications and Applications 20%

    • What are the conclusions that can be drawn from the data presented and how may it contribute to finding the solution to the business problem or opportunity?