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Marketing macroenvironment Marketing macroenvironment

    Marketing macroenvironment

    Critically analyse the macroenvironment for your chosen organisation and examine the key issues / trends / developments. In addition, consider the impact and implications of these findings for your chosen organisation – issues that your answer might examine, but should not be limited to, include:
    – How has the organisation responded to these trends / developments? How have these trends / developments shaped opportunities and / or posed threats for the organisation? (For example: adapting its marketing mix for existing goods / services, developing new offerings (for goods and / or services), moving into new markets, moving out of particular markets, development of networks / relationships, etc.)

    – Has the effect of these trends been regional, national, international? If applicable, have there been any differences in impact on domestic and international markets? What are the implications of these effects and / or differences for the organisation?

    – Are there any linkages / inter-relationships between the factors that have affected the organisation and its marketing strategies?

    – Are there any barriers / challenges facing the organisation in understanding its macroenvironment? How can the organisation try to overcome them?