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Marketing Plan-Situation Analysis

    Explain your product’s target market by appropriate segmentation, demographic, geographic, behavioral, and
    useage. Lay out a macro description of the targeted market. How large is the market? Is it a growing market?
    With all the pertinent data collected, develop a SWOT analysis, focusing on the opportunities and threats.
    Please attach analysis as a Word doc.

    Marketing Plan Section Two:

    This section is the situation analysis. It describes the market, the company’s capability to serve targeted
    segments, and the competition. The Situation Analysis includes the Market Summary which includes size, needs,
    growth, and trends. Describing the targeted segments in detail provides context for marketing strategies and
    programs. Also included is the SWOT Analysis which should be described and explained. Key competitors should
    be described as well as their market positions. Briefly describe your product’s main features and explain
    distribution or how your product will reach the consumer-channel of distribution.