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     Write an admission essay for a sudent applying for an MBA degree course/…………….

    I am a graduate in Bachelor of Science with a major in Middle childhood Practice seeking admission to further my studies in masters in leadership. I chose this institution due to its high reputation of experienced tutors and lectures with the ability to direct students in their right path. I undertook my undergraduate degree in Defiance College, Defiance, OH where my graduate education impacted on me a sense of maturity and confidence necessary to pursue my goals in life. Besides, I have a certificate in associate of arts with a major in the same Middle Childhood Education. I am a humble person with a keen eye for respect and sense of direction. I command quite a substantial work experience in leadership necessary for me to advance more by enrolling into Masters in Leadership. I have done extensive research as an AmeriCorps VISTA Youth Outreach coordinator and I can be identified with schools and non-profit organizations in the Northwest and Midwestern Ohio area.

    Through this initiative I presented to school administrators, teachers, non-profit organization and the students my research on Moreover, I have written numerous news letters for schools and non-profit organizations through which has equipped me with the necessary skills in keen eye for competence. My experience also goes beyond to recruiting, development of content and soliciting for donations particularly for student advisory board UCREW which gives me an upper hand to pursue further in masters in leadership to develop an insight for finer ideas.

    My leadership skills goes all the way to my involvement planning in youth sub-committee in the United way Global Youth Service Day which saw over 1,800 volunteers between the ages of 5-25 in attendance. I also participated in a planning committee with Montgomery County Mentoring Collaborative in a day long social activities for 200 students of age’s between7-18. Similarly, I took part in a step Up Cincinnati Summer Internship, where I took the lead in directing over 500 high school students interns for a day of service. Besides, my leadership skills and experience, I have a passion for the community through my participation in volunteer work such as a moderation, an interpretation, tutoring and citizen leadership with various institutions and organizations. My leadership expertise can not go all alone without mentioning that I have appropriate computer application skills in software and web development as demonstrated by administrative work I did for

    Fundamentally, my participation in various conferences has taught me how to relate with people and how to appreciate others with the aim of learning from them. I have participated in various conferences which have shaped my level of thinking and critical analysis on various issues in leadership. I participated as a presenter in Illinois Director’s of Students Activities conference and Dayton Greater Conference on Youth which instilled in me some level of confidence and skills in presentation. I was also a volunteer leader in the National Youth Service Summit and Breakout leader at Anthony Munoz Leadership Seminar which opened my eye on how to deal with different personalities into achieving desired objectives.

    I am proud to be a great leader in the making attributed to my vast expertise and skills in oral presentation and the ability to determine the demands of my audience or subjects. It is with much interest and determination that I seek admission to fulfill my dream of becoming one of the renowned leaders among the youth by acquiring masters in leadership. So they say, ‘Knowledge is power’, I have great hopes that my admission will not just be to acquire knowledge, but to add power to the extensive body of information necessary in building tomorrow’s leaders.