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    brief the Garrity v. New Jersey case
    In a narrative format of no less than 500 words, brief the Garrity v. New Jersey case and detail the facts, issues, and court holdings.

    Use chapter 13 of the book “Introduction to law enforcement, an insiders view” by William G. Doerner



    Detailed Description of Report

    1. The report will reflect an effort by each student to research some aspect of drugs in modern society.
    2. A five page typewritten report, double-spaced, using font no larger than size 12, with standard margins, plus title page, and resources and references will be required.
    3. The report should be written using correct grammar and punctuation.
    4. The report will be written using the APA format with internal documentation and a “Works Cited” page listing no less than four references with no more than half being from the Internet.
    5. Material used in the writing of the report shall be submitted with the report. The sheet that identifies the source, the actual pages referenced with the source material highlighted shall be submitted with the report.