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    after reading three or more of the articles/resources referenced below and others you have researched, post the following in this discussion board: Include your citations in the posting with a reference list at the end. (APA style)

    In your estimation: What role should nurses play in global health?
    What is your belief regarding the global migration/recruitment of nurses?

    Selected Articles:
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    Yu Xu, PhD; Helen Zaikina-Montgomery, MA; Jay J. Shen, PhD, Posted: 03/25/2010; Nurs Econ. 2010;28(1):19-43. © 2010 Jannetti Publications, Inc. Characteristics of Internationally Educated Nurses in the United States: An Update from the 2004 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses

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    Kulwicki, A. (October 2006). Improving global health care through diversity. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 17(4), 396 – 397. [Unique login may be required: username is mdcmed; password is medical.]

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    Globalization and Recruitment of Foreign Nurses (from the Washington State Nurses Association:
    Nursing Shortage:
    Resolution re Foreign-Educated Nurses: 2 – foreign nurses with CIS.pdf
    Position Paper on the Recruitment of Foreign Nurses:
    "What Have We Done for You?" (article from Local Unit Newsletter):
    Negotiation Survival Guide:

    ICN Position Statement on Ethical Recruiting of Nurses:
    World Health Organization: Articles on Migration:
    American Nurses Association – ANA Testifies on Nurse Immigration:

    Nursing Self Sufficiency/Sustainability in the Global Context:

    Kingma, M. (2008). Nurses on the move: Historical perspective and current issues. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 13(2). Retrieved from