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Oakland Police department

    Paper title: Oakland Police department

    Academic level: High school

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    Subject:  Law

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    Type: Research paper

    Details:  Please answer each question: 1. Is the Oakland Police Department C.A.L.E.A. certified? if yes since what date? 2. Is the Oakland Police Department state accredited, if yes since what date? 3. Sometimes only sections, like the communications unit, are C.A.L.E.A., if that’s the case, then advise the details. Do not answer about any other type of accreditation other than C.A.L.E.A. or STATE Accred. 4. what is the number of Sworn personnel staffing number (How many sworn officers are there? 5. what is the number of Civilian personnel staffing number- How many civilian personnel are there? Note: DO NOT provide one amount to include both civilian/sworn personnel. 6. Oakland, Californis Jurisdiction information (include ALL: a) square miles?, b) population?, c) type of areas and approx. percentage of each , i.e. residential 35%, business 65%, d) also type of community policed, i.e. tourist, seniors, etc.). e) Include any Major crowd drawing, famous landmarks, tourist locations. Like if you did, Kissimmee, Fla- you could say Disney World. 7. To maintain officer law enforcement certification, the STATE mandates X number of refresher in-service training hours every X years. Fill in the X with the numbers, and list the training topics. This is usually called, “min. mandatory training”. 8. Is the agency a “Community Policing” agency? If yes, what percentage in your opinion? If not, why not? If yes, list the Community Policing strategies and/or programs or initiatives. 9.What are the areas of assignments of the sworn personnel, the geographic beats, such as districts, zones, beats, sectors, etc. Every agency has different terminology for their geographic assignments. List their unique labels/names for their policing jurisdictions. (for example: Miami Beach: N. District- 63st-87th terr, Middle District-21st to 63rd st, South District- 1st-21st St, Entertainment District: Wash/Ocean Dr 5thst-11th street).