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Operating Room (OR) Budget

    Operating Room (OR) Budget
    Topic: Operating Room (OR) Budget
    This question set provides you an opportunity to analyze issues, opportunities, and problems related to the

    operating room budget. Each question is worth 8 points each. Please include each question and response into a

    Microsoft Word document. Submit as 1 Microsoft Word document in Blackboard. Include a title page, reference page,

    and cite responses in current APA format.
    1. Identify the key stakeholders who should be involved in or consulted about the budget for the Surgery


    2. Identify a 4-step process for prioritizing budget items in the perioperative department budget.

    3. Discuss the issues related to buying implants versus taking them on consignment from the vendors.

    4. Discuss the importance of service contracts in the OR department.

    5. List some of the major differences in an OR staffing budget as compared with staffing budgets in other nursing

    units. What are the most important problems related to perioperative staff on call during their off hours?
    Question Set:
    Questions 1–5 . Major points are thoroughly discussed
    Thoughtful analysis of material (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts

    based on the readings from the text)
    APA format, citations, spelling, structure, & grammar—required.
    Finkler, S. A., & McHugh, M. L. (2008). Budgeting concepts for nurse managers (4th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.

    ISBN: 9781416033417.
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