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Physical Fitness.


    1. Introduction

    Physical fitness is as a set of elements relating to the capability of a person to perform various activities involving the body.  This set of attributes maintains the body free of illnesses and consequently a body which is fit and able to keep health risks at bay.  Physical fitness is maintained by consistent bodily practices which include exercising and involving the body in other various forms of activity (Broomfield 12). Health related with skill maintains the body’s alertness, making it capable of changing position and direction fast and competently. This aids the body in keeping up in a state of equilibrium (Hoeger 35). Assimilation of the nervous system and the muscular system comes hand in hand with physical fitness. These factors produce the right body movements. Proper dietary habits strengthen the body and are vital before engaging in exercises.

    1. Tips on how to achieve physical fitness
    • Regularly exercising the body: involving the body in various forms of activity
    • Observing good dietary habits: strengthen the body and vital before engaging in exercises
    • Purpose: maintaining the  cardiovascular  process and  keeping  fit so as to stay healthy
    1. Forms of physical fitness
    • Cardiovascular fitness: the ability of muscles to endure activity
    • Muscle strength: the bodily ability to exert utmost force in opposition to resistance
    • Muscle endurance: the ability of muscles to uphold continuous contractions strenuously in a continued manner
    • Body composition: the constitution of the body relating to the tissue mass made up of bones, tendons and ligaments
    1. Benefits of physical fitness
    • Cardiovascular: proper functioning of internal body organs
    • Muscle strength: ability to do tasks requiring use of energy
    • Muscle endurance: ability to do heavy tasks over a long period of time
    • Body composition: utilization of fat in the body
    1. Conclusion

    It is important to maintain all the forms of physical fitness by observing good dietary habits and doing regular exercises. Frequent medical attention is also necessary in ensuring physical fitness in relation with body composition. All these will lead to good brain functioning, a longer healthier life, with one being able to perform all day to day activities and extracurricular activities. Other exercise like yoga help relive the mind since it involves some psychological processes that are essential to calms one’s   mind