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    Paper details


    Reports must be written clearly and concisely and structured
    as outlined below. Include sketches where relevant.

    Title & Date

    Objectives: As specified on the sheet with any amendments

    References: Acknowledge sources of information used, eg, Polymer Handbook, Granta Design software etc.

    Introduction: This should apply to the practical being undertaken, to show an understanding of the subject. You should show evidence of background reading, minimum 1 page, maximum 3 pages.

    Experimental Procedure: Fully describe in the past tense exactly how you carried out the experiment.

    Results: Tabulate all data, and derived results. Give a sample calculation. Show results graphically where possible.

    Discussion of Results: Probably the most important section. This shows your understanding of the experiment. It is important that comparisons of results be made with values quoted in literature sources; you should also try and justify the experimental trends recorded.

    Conclusions: This should be brief, explaining what you found and how the results can be justified.