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Problem Statement

    —Problems abound in education and the social sciences. Add the problem statement to the Background and Need for the Study sections completed last module and submit both for evaluation.

    •    Research Question(s)—The research question is your guide to what data you seek and what data you select as important. The research question is “1. precise, 2. covers exactly the issue you wish to address, and 3. indicates how will create your answer” (Bryant, 2004, p 50). Draft the research questions and add to the Purpose section written in the last module (if you are doing pure quantitative research, you will need null hypothesis statements) and submit both. [NOTE: These sections will be revised and included in Chapter 1 of the Research Proposal. These question(s) will be elaborated on in a separate section of Chapter 3-Methodology.]

    •    Access Plan—Submit a draft of your plan for how you will gain access to the location and planned population (school, institution of higher education, professional organization) who will be invited to participate in your study. You should include how you plan to obtain any permission you will need, e.g., the principal, the district superintendent, and parents. [NOTE: A quick summary of access will be included in Chapter 1 of the Research Proposal. Exact details of the plan to gain access will be included in the Chapter 3-Methodology of the Proposal. Later, the exact steps of what you actually did to gain access will become part of Chapter 3-Methodology of the Dissertation. And, the signed permission letters will be included in the Appendixes of the Dissertation.]