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Psychology of Gender paper Custom Essay

    Gender studies refer to an academic field as well as interdisciplinary study that is devoted to representation and gender identity as main categories of the analysis. The field also involves the studies of women concerning feminism, politics, women, and gender. In most cases, the gender studies also combine with sexuality study (Colley, Gale & Harris, 1994). The disciplines study sexuality and gender in various fields like history, literature, anthropology, political science, media studies, sociology, among others. The benefits of implementing this cause in the contemporary world is to get rid of gender discrimination and getting to understand the behaviors of all gender. Various debates have been raised regarding gender studies and its importance in the society, while most men have abandoned this study contributing to more controversies about it. One of the most important facts about this study is that it reduces attitude towards gender. The implementation of gender studies have changed people’s perspectives about the opposite gender because it helps in analyzing and understanding various things that were once in the dark about the respective gender.