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Racial Profiling in the Criminal Justice System Custom Essay

    Racial Profiling in the Criminal Justice System In the United States of America, the issue on equality has always been at the heart of the society. Dating back to the 1960s when the civil rights movement was intensive in ensuring this profound aspect in society was attained, the gains have indeed come from far. However, while the rights of minorities in general have continued to be addressed and effected, one has entrenched itself into the criminal justice system and threatens to cripple the very gains that were fought for decades ago. From a definitive point of view, racial profiling describes a type of judgment through which law enforcement uses one’s ethnic background and race as the cause to suspect that the person has gone against the law. When it comes to racial profiling, the number of the minority who are at the mercy of law enforcers continues to skyrocket and as such, a course for concern.