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Research Essay



    The researched formal essay will consist of 4/5 pages (1000 words approx.) plus a bibliography. Choose ONE question from the list below. Please include quotations with the correct citation from two or more texts. You should use the essay question as your essay title. When analyzing a specific text you should use refer to one or more of the following: Character, setting, point of view, symbolism, theme, and style/tone/irony.

    1. 1. Explain in what ways Alice and Jim (Hawkins) are similar OR different?

    2. 2. “The fairy tales of Charles Perrault were intended for adult female readers”. Discuss this statement either supporting or arguing against it.

    3. 3. In what ways might you argue that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is not suitable for children?

    4. If there was really a “golden age” for children’s literature, suggest why and how it might have ended.

    5. In a story where all the characters are animals, how might the “nature” of adult humans be revealed for a child reader?

    6. What is it about the 19th century novel Treasure Island that continues to attract readers in the 21st century?

    7. In what way have the texts we studied portrayed an image of “gender”?

    8. Using the texts we have studied suggest why children today should be encouraged to read children’s literature published during the “golden age”.

    For primary texts please only use those studied as part of our 426 course:
    • Alice in Wonderland (1865) Lewis Carroll
    • Treasure Island (1883) Robert Louis Stevenson
    • Little Red Riding hood – Perrault Fairy Tales
    • The Jungle Book (1894) Rudyard Kipling
    • Wind in the Willows (1908) Kenneth Grahame
    • Peter Pan (1911) J M Barrie