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Risk Management Discussion Questions

    Risk Management Discussion Questions

    200-300 words for each question.

    Define critical incident. How does a routine incident differ from a critical incident? Are these emergencies preventable or avoidable? May they be minimized? If so, how? Explain.

    What emergency resources are available in your community’s public and private sectors? What resources are lacking? What steps may be taken to ensure adequate resource allocation to communities?

    How do we mitigate the effects of natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, heat storms, and flooding? How may we mitigate hazardous incidents? What resources must be in place before such incidents?

    How does risk assessment influence the management of events or critical incidents? What are the variables regarding event risk management?

    What is FEMA? How does it coordinate with local agencies? What are the benefits of becoming familiar with FEMA?

    What are the principles of Gemba Kaizen? What are the steps for Kaizen implementation? What influence does it have on event management? Explain