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Scope: Pick up one of yourfision and scope documents and use it as basis for preparing SRS.


    Template to use: Please use the template as per

    IEEE specification (refer Section 5 ofthis recommended practice). You are advised to not use Karl Wiegers template.

    Marking Guide:


    requirements themselves with measurable components being at least 5 features sets, 100 discrete requirements, correct syntax 8. expression
    for each, atomic (i.e. one requirement per statement, correct identifier, or indented parent child structure),

    must have 10 Business

    requirements, 70 Functional requirements, 20 Non functional requirements (with correct syntax, expression etc as per above) – 60


    have metric and agreed value for each non functional requirement. – 10- must specify at least 5 requirements which have conditions, and 5
    requirements which have qualifiers. – 10

    must demonstrate traceability from fision and Scope document to business requirements to

    Software requirements – 10

    all requirements must be ranked for priority and importance and do-ability. – 10

    20% UML modelling driven

    analysis – (Use of relevant modelling techniques e.g. Use cases, business use case, goal modeliing , state chart, sequence, collaboration
    etc ) – – At least 5 different models applied.)

    50% for attempting (correct notation)

    50% points for correct use and value add.

    10% physical presentation quality (spelling, grammar, and cosmetics) and conformity to template.