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    1. What does the phrase “the authentic therapist” convey to you? How do a counselor’s personal values impact the therapeutic treatment with their client?

    a) What are some specific elements of effective multicultural counseling?

    Chapter Three

    2) What does informed consent process involve? What information must be presented to clients? Describe the dimensions of confidentiality in the therapeutic relationship. Are there limits? If so, when do these apply?

    a. Your client is a 15-year-old girl sent to you by her parents. One day the parents request a session to discuss their daughter’s progress and to see what they can do to help. What information can you share with the parents, and what can you not disclose? What might you discuss with the girl before you see the parents? What will you do if she makes it clear that she does not want you to see her parents or tell them anything?

    b.) Define evidence –based practice. Discuss briefly some of the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment model.

    Chapter Four

    3) What is transference and countertransference and how do they operate in the therapeutic relationship? Explain the functions that resistance serves, and discuss some ways of therapeutically dealing with resistance as opposed to viewing resistance as a negative force in therapy.

    Chapter Five

    4) Discuss the four phases of the Adlerian therapeutic process: establish the relationship, explore the individual’s psychological dynamics, encourage self understanding and insight, and reorientation and reeducation.

    a. From the perspective of working with culturally diverse populations, what are the contributions and limitations of Adlerian therapy?


    Chapter Seven

    5) What importance is placed on the client/counselor relationship? Describe the therapeutic conditions necessary and sufficient for personality change to occur. Be sure to clearly define congruence, unconditional positive regard and accurate empathetic understanding. What aspects of this approach would you like to include as a basic part of your own theoretical orientation?

    a. Discuss the research base that supports person-centered approach. What are some contributions and limitations of concepts of the person-centered approach applied to multicultural counseling?
    Extra Credit Question (worth 5 points)

    6) What are Rogers’s view of diagnosis and assessment? How do these figure into the current practice of person-centered therapy?