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Social Analysis

    Social Analysis

    • Media Literacy
    • Identity and Values
    • Equity and Equality

    Include the following in your reflection:
    a) An Introduction
    a. Which two of the four content areas did you select?
    b. Why did you select these two?

    b) Content Area Reflection – (select one or more from these questions)
    a. What was your original perspective on the chosen content area(s)?
    b. What were your expectations or assumptions about the content area(s) before taking the class?
    c. What did you like best about these content areas? Why?
    d. What did you like least about these content areas? Why?
    e. Was the information discussed in the content areas difficult for you? Why?
    f. If you had to describe your learning from the content areas to another student, what would you say about them?

    c) Overall Reflection
    a. Discuss your personal growth and/or the challenges you experienced in the course as they relate to your overall learning throughout the semester. Were there moments of discomfort, conflicting feelings, emotions, values, beliefs, during lectures and/or class discussions? What were your feelings? How did you deal with these?
    b. Did you gain any new knowledge as a result of taking this course? Was your prior knowledge reinforced? Changed? Please explain.

    d) Conclusion
    a. Describe any actions that you plan to take, personally or professionally, as a result of taking this course and as a result of the impact your chosen content areas has had on you. How are your planned actions related to the role and responsibilities of a global citizen?
    b. If you have already taken some action, discuss the actions you have taken, the result(s) of these actions and the relation to the role and responsibilities of a global citizen.