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Social Psychology Film Analysis

    Viewing the movie “Invictus (2009,&Dir.&Clint&Eastwood, 134 min.)”
    identify social psychology principles that appear to be operating to the events or individual depicted in the film. You should include 1)a brief summary of the movie & setting to provide a context,
    2 )brief summary of the relevant theory or theories (including the findings from relevant articles),and 3)the application of the theory or theories to your film or scenes from the film (i.e. the analysis). Use headings to separate the different sections (e.g.,introduction,theory,application,conclusion).

    In this course we r talking about Social Psych. and the chapters r about Self in Social world, Social Beliefs and Judgement, Behavior and Attitudes Persuasion and Conformity and Obedience, Prejudice

    Also, u can choose several scenes from the film and analyse it~

    Thanks alooooot ~~