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Speech Final about our last group project

    Speech Final about our last group project
    Book: Working in groups, sixth edition, by Isa N. Engleberg and Diana R. Wynn
    *I don’t have the book*
    -Analyze and evaluate my performance of my last group. Discuss variables relating to group dynamics, leadership (formation, style, etc), and effectiveness.
    -We all showed up to do our volunteer hours and we all worked individually with kids.
    -My Experience there
    My experience was a very enjoyable one. We started our experience with the Community Partnership for Youth, Building a Community One Child at a Time. Before we could even work with the kids we had to get a TB test which takes 3 days, so while we were waiting to get the results of our TB test we were given the chance to help them wrap Christmas presents. They were explaining to us how their organization gathers volunteers to buy presents for the kids and they would also gather the money from the volunteers and take the children shopping for gifts for their families. While we were there we also helped gift wrap books which they created, they were shaped like heavenly angels which they brightly colored. On the reverse they wrote the name of a book they hoped to get for Christmas. The volunteers tried their best to match their request from what they could find. I think I did a pretty good wrapping I tried my best to fold the gift wrapping the best I could, even though sometimes I got toys that were very oddly shaped. i also want to mention that almost all the girls wanted monster high dolls which to us looked really weird. The days when we were with the kids at Del ray elementary school were even more exiting. We started our days there meeting with the site coordinator and received our time sheets then we gathered in the cafeteria and waited for the kid’s class to get out. We all sat in different tables where we waited while the kids were rushing in. They started their after school program called CPY with snacks then proceeded to do homework. That’s where we came in and helped with their homework. It was simple math problems and spelling. After most of the kids were done with their homework they had circle time. They all gathered to sing a variety of songs like “boom shaka boom,” “three little bears,” and “the CPY anthem” which they all memorized. After this was done the site coordinator would make announcements. After that the kids were given the opportunity to finish their homework or go outside and play. Most of us went outside to play with the kids. We played a lot of games with them like hot potato, pass the ball, tag, freeze tag, tetherball, house, monkey bars, and of course supervise them as they play. As I was observing them play I noticed that the kids segregate themselves. There was another after school program called ASA. One girl mentioned to me, “eeeewwww that’s an ASA girl, we don’t play with them.” But other than that I had fun playing with them, it was volunteer work I was willing to do again. After they were done playing they gathered in the cafeteria then went home. That was most of what we did on our days there. On our last day there it was a very sad goodbye but won’t forget them. I also left a little of me with them, I taught my group of kids how to make fortune tellers which they used all the time even on the playground.

    Some of the challenges the agency had to face that we need to address were that they need more volunteers for when it comes to holiday events and their daily after school volunteering with their homework and playground supervision. Sometimes some of the biggest challenges are getting the kids to focus on doing their homework itself. And also explaining how they can do their homework themselves in a way they can easily understand it.