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trade regime

    Project description

    Clioose um of the following questions to answer in a double-spaced, 2-3 page response.
    You may choose to answer these questions in class during the final exam, or to answer
    them at home. print your answers, and bring them with you to the final exam.

    lf_mu choose to answer the questions away from class, use the honor system-no
    eopyiug and pasting from the internet. If you cite statistics, numbers, direct quotes,
    ideas of other scholars, etc. please cite your source. If you are using information from
    our book or that you learned in class, you don’t need to cite.

    ln what ways and to what extent is globalization changing the nature of the global
    trade regime?

    B. To what extent can economic interdependence decrease the likelihood for

    C. Liberal theory holds that international institutions-such as the IMF, World
    Bank, and WTO-decrease the effects of anarchy in the international system. To
    what extent do you agree? Cite examples to support your claim.

    D. In what ways and to what extent does the global trade regime benefit some
    countries more than others? Cite examples to support your claim.

    E. What do you feel has been the most important event in the creation of the current
    international trade regime? Why?