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Weekly Reflective Reports (WRR) for class “Business Policy & Strategy Seminar”

    Weekly Reflective Reports (WRR) for class “Business Policy & Strategy Seminar”
    1- Pick up three different business articles, and write about each topic a separate three pages. so 9 pages and first three pages about a Reflective Report for each week.
    2- a reflective report for week 1,2, and 3 Reflective Report separately. and add the resource for each one. And please don’t copy and paste from internet.
    Course Description
    This capstone, senior-year course, integrates knowledge and skills in the various functional areas of business for corporate and business strategy development. Student teams will develop a corporate mission, goals and objectives, and implement business policy by managing a complete value chain for a company; deploying marketing, operational and financial strategies and policies in a simulated competitive environment so as to achieve sustainable growth and productivity.
    Weekly Reflective Reports (WRR): During the course, there will be ample opportunities for finding relevance of the course material to the localized events in the business world, things you observe and/or read about in the business press. WRR are short (1 to 3 typewritten pages) descriptions of such happenings and an interpretation/position,using the vernacular developed in the course.
    The format of the WRR is provided below:
    Two scores are given. The first score (0 to 5) is based on the quality of the writing (G1O1) and the second score (0 to 5) on the number of relevant localized concepts that were discussed in the analysis and the interpretation/position (G2O2).